Matt Greco

Mixing Engineer | Producer

(971) 703-4184

Matt Greco is a mixing engineer/producer located in Portland, Oregon. Currently working out of The Rye Room available for all studio needs.

Matt Greco producer/engineer

Matt Greco started going to live shows in utero and had his ear pressed to a stereo speaker by the time he was two. Luckily, he retained his hearing and moved onto the piano. Greco trained classically with Portland pianist, Michael Allen Harrison and continued on to study at the University of Oregon’s School of Music with an emphasis in Technology. He’s tantalized many an audience with his piano chops and serves as a studio and live musician throughout Oregon. His composition background lends itself to stellar production—giving him the ability to hear what each record needs.

He started recording in 2004 and worked under Lance Miller, head of recording at the UO, from 2006 to 2010. There, he served as Assistant Engineer for the classical horn quartet Quadre. He began building his personal studio in 2006, where he produced and engineered his first record with Portland artist Christian Burghardt. Since then, he’s dedicated himself to making the best sounding records possible. In 2010, he co-produced, engineered, and mixed the album Fear of the Unknown with Tyler Fortier, winner of Eugene’s Next Big Thing. He’s continued to work with Tyler Fortier and many other artists like Beth Wood and David Michael Frank. In 2011, Greco pioneered a digital music program at O’Hara Catholic School in Eugene to educate kids about the craft of recording music. Then, in 2012, he began working with Gino Vannelli as his Tour Manager and Monitor Engineer. Touring internationally and across the United States has allowed Greco to connect with industry professionals worldwide.  

To have Matt Greco as your engineer or producer is to have him as a true ambassador for your music both in and out of the studio. Greco’s knowledge of industry trends, gear and techniques, and connections with musicians nationwide makes him the right person to have behind the board. Currently the owner/engineer at The Rye Room and freelancing at Dead Aunt Thelma’s among other top Portland studios, he offers producing, mixing, recording, composing, and mastering services. He brings his passion for music and concern for the band’s needs to every project he encounters. Using a hybrid of analog and digital recording techniques, he enjoys mixing different genres and experimenting with new and unique sounds. Matt prides himself in his dedication to his clients, working tirelessly to achieve the sound that you are looking for.


e: p: (971) 703-4184