Matt Greco

Mixing Engineer | Producer

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Matt Greco is a mixing engineer/producer located in Portland, Oregon. Currently working out of The Rye Room available for all studio needs.

Studio Update November 2014

Been very busy lately between moving into a new studio, working on projects, and touring. All good things though! I like to keep it short and sweet so here we go. I moved into a new studio space a few months ago called New North Sound. It's my new home and I love the studio. I still freelance a bunch out of Dead Aunt Thelma's and most other Portland studios as well. If you are looking to start any sort of project, let me know. I'd love to show you New North Sound, it's a beautiful studio.

Been working on a bunch of records lately, two of which were just released, and I am very proud to be a part of these projects. The first record was an EP just released this past month by Lexi Tucker, a Country/Pop artist from Silverton, Oregon. She has some incredible talent for her age, and I'm sure she is going to do some big things in the future. Check out her EP when you get the chance. Second record was a full length released this past month by a Parisian/Americana artist, Eric John Kaiser. This record was produced by my good friend Tyler Fortier and he did an amazing job. The single and title track 'Idaho' has a new music video to check out. I may have even made a few cameos in it. Check out Eric's new record on iTunes, or any of your other preferred places to download music. If you're into Folk/Americana and happen to like France as well, it's perfect for you! Also currently in the mixing stage of an EP by a favorite local artist of mine, Jen Deale. She is amazing, and I am really looking forward to getting this record out there! Just started tracking a new project with a band from Salem named Sour Alley. They are a lot of fun in the studio and the record should be finished by early next year. More projects on the horizon as well, so I'll save that for future updates.

Touring is crazy as always. Good fun though! Heading to Vegas this weekend and then straight down to South America. Playing a few dates in Chile and Argentina. Really looking forward to traveling down there! A few dates after South America and that's a wrap on 2014.  


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